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Is it still cool to like Kevin Smith?

Posted in movies with tags , , , , , on August 6, 2008 by Paulie Danger

I just read an article at about Kevin Smith’s appeal to the ratings board over Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  I’m hoping this brings Kevin Smith back into the realm of funny.  His last couple movies (Clerks 2 included) sort of missed the mark with me.  Clerks 2 was sort of “let’s capitalize on the 10 year anniversary hype”, Jersey Girl – I didn’t see, and J&SBSB did nothing for me.  Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back was sort of like watching someone else’s going away party video, except there’s no giant psudeo-Godzilla monster dropping little Starship Troopers bugs all over New York City.  But wouldn’t it have made the Damon & Affleck scene a little more interesting?


Operation XPC is Underway

Posted in computers, gaming, movies, television, worklog with tags , , , , on July 4, 2008 by Paulie Danger

Inspired by one of Eric’s posts the other day I was inspired to build myself a new HTPC.  I didn’t really want to do an NES PC.  Not only has it been done, but I don’t have an NES, nor the physical acumen to manipulate hardware in such a small case.   But what I do have is an old Xbox that’s been sitting in the closet next to R. Kelly and two of the O-Town boys.

So I called my buddy Fro and he’s going to be my build partner.  The Silent Bob to my Snootchie Bootches.  We talked about some plans, and here’s the general idea.  I want to keep the Xbox as stock looking as possible (besides a giant X-shaped window on top).  After the conversation I started specing out.

Mini-ATX mobo with good onboard sound and video (to be upgraded if necessary).  2.5Ghz Intel Dual Core, 1GB of memory, notebook DVD & HDD drives and a stable Unbuntu build.  I had the parts list almost done save wireless devices and was still under $450.

This PC’s going to be used primarily for watching videos on the TV rather than on my monitor.  I’m not getting sound or video cards yet for two reasons.  First, I may fuck it up to all hell and have to scrap the whole project.  In which case I want to minimize my financial damages.  Second, I’m not 100% sure I can fit cards vertically into the Xbox.  Fro and I have discussed this, and our only real option is to mount the mobo as low as possible and hope for the best.

I’m very concerned about system cooling.  There isn’t a whole lot of room in the Xbox to begin with.  We’re saving some space by going with notebook drives, rather than the desktop sized hardware Microsoft used.  But I’m concerned about finding a heatsink/CPU fan that’s short enough to fit inside the box.  For cooling I’m going to use at least 3 (if not 5) 80mm fans.  We’re going to set-up an air-flow path that blows directly across the CPU.  And thinking about it, I may cut some vents in the window above the CPU.

We’re going to open up the Xbox this weekend and see exactly what we’re working with, dimensions wise.  Once I pay my insurance and truck payment, I’ll start buying the hardware.  We will be doing some of the scene-standard Xbox mods, by the way.  Since I want to leave the front relatively stock, we’ll be doing the dongle light mod.  We want to up the difficulty on that one with HDD & network activity lights.  I also want to put a Crystalfontz LCD screen on that dead space above controller ports 3 & 4.  The top side ‘X’ is going to be cut out to make room for a window.  I’m also looking for green LED fans and some LED’s for internal lighting.

The only part I really haven’t figured out is stealthing the notebook DVD drive.  I may use some of that scrap plastic from the window cut to make a fall-down door.  Problem is the eject button on those notebooks.  I’m open to suggestions.

Future probable upgrades:
Beefy audio & video cards
TV card w/ remote
2nd HDD

Wishful thinking:

My Boss Works in Flip-Flops (and other things)

Posted in computers, movies, random, work with tags , , on July 3, 2008 by Paulie Danger

For anyone who’s worked in a warehouse environment, you know that most employers in the transportation/warehousing industry have a “closed toe shoe” requirement for employment.  Not everyone requires steel toed shoes, but generally the rule is don’t let us see your toe nails on the floor. 

My boss, who is the warehouse manager, the NIIC (Head Idiot In Charge) shows up at midnight today wearing a t-shirt with cutoff sleeves, basketball shorts, and flip-flops.  He’s a class act.

Now, I knew he would be coming in early because this is a holiday weekend.  Whenever he’s got time off, vacations, personals, holidays, he comes in at midnight and does a few hours so that he can get a jump on his time off.  Must be nice.

I’m an active fireman again.  I haven’t been to my firehouse in months.  Actually it’s been since February, probably.  But I have a new battery in my pager, and I’m going through my memory to remember where gear is located on the trucks.  I’m going to ease myself back into the job, though.  I’m going to jump MVA and obvious B/S calls.  Skip anything with a dispatch “PD on location, confirming fire”.  They don’t need me re-popping my cherry on a middle of the row worker with legs.

But I miss being a fireman.  I miss the feeling I get when I’m on the truck going to a job.  I miss the attention I get from women on tag day when I’m in the middle of the street with my helmet and bunkers.  Even I look cool wearing an FD helmet.  And knowing you just made somebody’s worst day ever a little better.  It justifies the other areas of my life that are so fucking lacking in substance.

So it’s time to dust off my brain bucket, check the battery in my flash light, and make sure my gloves are still in my bunker pants.  It’s also time to look for some of those obnoxiously bright blue LED light bars for the Danger Dakota.

Feeling inspired by watching American Dreams the other day, I decided to watch a couple movies starting Brittany SnowOn the Doll and Finding Amanda.  She plays a hooker in both.  She seems to be working very hard to get away from that innocent school girl character that she played to perfection in American DreamsOn the Doll is one of those incredibly depressing movies about molestation, abuse, broken children becoming fucked up adults.  And there’s a little, dead, baby bird that plays a very prominent role for some reason.  And while that movie plays more like Requiem for a Dream, Finding Amanda is a light comedy starting Matthew Broderick and Maura Tierney and Dauber from Coach.  It’s a comedy about a television writer (Broderick) who goes to Las Vegas to retrieve his niece (our girl, Brittany) who’s turning tricks in a hotel/casino with an Aztec theme.  I would love to see her get some more mainstream work that didn’t involve her playing a working girl.

I’m starting to put a couple dollars together for a new computer.  I want a HTPC built out of either a NES or Xbox case.  I have a couple worklogs for NES cases, but none for an Xbox case.  I already have an Xbox that’s not doing anything.  At least I think it’s still sitting around the apartment somewhere.  So I’d rather build an Xputer.

Things I’m Thankful For.

Posted in movies, top 5, work with tags , , , , , on June 7, 2008 by Paulie Danger

I’ve learned a lot in my 30 years.  One of them is take moments like this, where I want to put on my guerilla suit and go bannanas, and take a step back and take a deep breath.


Okay.  I’m stuck at work waiting for this pitiful excuse of a computer network to start working.  And I just wanted to go through a quick list of things I’m thankful for.

1. Airconditioners.  I’m Irish, my people weren’t built for 100F heat.

2. Transformers 2 (in production).  There was a high-suck possibility with the first one.  And despite the movie swinging loosely from Chrysler Corp’s nuts, the film delivered as only a 29 year old fan boy could.  And how can we say no to more Shia LeBouf’s self depricating style, or more of Megan Fox?  (x2 on that last one.)

3. Strippers.  No, really.  Think about.  Yeah, they only care about your money, but it takes a very special kind of woman to rub her goodies up on your stank ass.

4. Offspring.  Great punk band, and they had the smarts to steal Chinese Democracy from that basketcase rockstar, Axl Rose.

5. Redheads. The few, the proud, the spitfires that have been the love and loathe of my life.  One day I will return to Ireland, and there I will claim my redheaded bride.  She longs and waits for me, her generously overweight, American prince.  Stay faithful to me, lass.  Aye, she’s a good one, there.

I believe now that I am sufficiently calm enough to finish my day without pulling a Michael Douglas.


New Animated Star Wars Movie from LucasArts

Posted in movies on May 22, 2008 by Paulie Danger

LucasArts is releasing an animated film in August called The Clone Wars.  Personally, I think they should have left the animation to Genndy Tartakovsky.  But what do I know?

Oh god, it’s my first post and I don’t know what to write.

Posted in movies with tags , , on May 1, 2008 by Paulie Danger

It’s been a while since I’ve run a blog of any kind. The first post is usually the hardest because I like to jump right into things. But there’s no familiarity at all, and nobody is going to read this post, since it’s the first. But I came across this red band trailer for a movie called The Babysitters. It’s about a sixteen year old girl that turns her babysitting job into an escort service.

The movie stars John Leguizamo, who most people probably remember from either Ice Age or Collateral Damage. But I go back to Super Mario Bros. Actually, I was familiar with Leguizamo’s stage work. He did some incredible monologue work that really set him apart from other “funny Latino actors” like Danny Trejo.

I was offered a chance to work with Leguizamo at a community theater in San Francisco. This was right out of high school. As a senior I had two plays written, and was active around here. I passed on the offer because I didn’t want to live in San Francisco. but John Leguizamo has a lot more talent than he’s been allowed to show the mainstream audience. He’s a fantastic writer, and if you doubt that, go look at Mambo Mouth (1991).

The Babysitters puts John in the role of a pedophile, having an affair with his 16 year old babysitter. The preview casts a silhouette similar to American Beauty and Ellen Page’s 2005 coming out party, Hard Candy. In today’s Dateline: To Catch a Predator society, this film shines a light on a very dark corner of our room.

This is the red band trailer, don’t watch it if you’re a minor, or from Utah.