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They Call Me “Coach Danger”

Posted in gaming with tags , , , , , on July 30, 2008 by Paulie Danger

After a couple days talking about it, I accepted the offer to coach an amateur Halo team.  I’m with High Velocity now.  The team is Assist (captain/objectives), Kevlar (slayer), AMBIANC3 (primary slayer) and ToBlaZen (support).  Amby & Blazen have pretty good MLG records, Ambiance has a couple top 32’s in his 10 MLG events and Blazen’s gone from top 128 to top 64 to top 32 this season.  Assist and Kevlar have been teaming since Orlando, and their individual records aren’t as sharp, but the four of them together have been running games.

I’m just looking through the MLG hopper games on B-Net.  It’s a really well balanced team.  Blazen’s a strong objectives player, and Kevlar is an excellent secondary slayer.  Nobody’s really outshining anyone else, the objectives guys are scoring points and the slayers are getting kills.

They won’t be ready for Toronto, but man, if we can get some cash to hit Dallas, I’m pretty excited to see what they can do.

Now, I just need to get someone to hook me up with a clipboard graphic like Triple-X had for Carbon and we’ll be solid fucking gold.


More MLG News.

Posted in FIRE!, gaming, random, television with tags , , , , , on July 28, 2008 by Paulie Danger

The air is thick with drama on this sultry Monday morning. More reaction to the Halo roster shake-ups is hitting. Str8’s Legit’s blog has broken past the embargo, yet we still are waiting to hear from any member of Final Boss.

Like I said yesterday, I got myself a sweet new TV. I pulled the Xbox out of a travel case for the first time in three weeks (has it been 3 weeks? my math is shit). The Xbox smells like smoke. It doesn’t smell like smoke, really. I mean, my Xbox doesn’t smell like a cigarette. It almost smells like a charcoal briquette. Actually, it smells like the firehouse after a working job. Which makes a hell of a lot of sense. The funny thing is this, the DVD in the Xbox when I turned it on for the first time since the morning of the apartment fire: Rescue Me (season 3).

On to more important news. Your boy Danger was down to his last fifty cents in his Full Tilt Poker account. A second place in a 45-entrant $1+.25 tournament puts him back in double digits.  Nothing like sheer desperation to help a guy win a few hands.

Mmmm…Buttery Goodness.

Posted in gaming with tags , , on July 27, 2008 by Paulie Danger

I treated myself today.  Picked up a 26″ Westinghouse LCD TV.  The Xbox looks oh-so-purdy on it.  I also changed my GT to “Paul is Danger”.  Send FR’s.

Look for some changes to the blog to reflect the new GT soon.  Right now, too busy killing shit.

Purple Reign (and other things named after sexy 80’s music)

Posted in gaming with tags , , , , , on July 26, 2008 by Paulie Danger

During the weekly update, Bungie released a little bit more information about their next map release. A hand drawn picture which looks more like a Bill Plympton cartoon than a FPS map gave a few hints to what’s in store in a future DLC release.

Some fans are calling out Bungie hoping this is a Midship rerelease. Midship was a favorite map of MLG during it’s H2 run. And who can forget some of the epic Cbn v. FB battles in Middy? But I don’t think we’re in for a remake. I think Purple Reign is going to be a Covenant themed arena map. Midship inspired, maybe. But I think Bungie’s holding off on remakes for a while. Expect Purple Reign to be a map that MLG map makers can work with.

Bungie also confirmed that a bigger Foundry-style map is on the horizon, something outdoors they’re saying. So Blood Gultch and Beaver Creek remakes could be in file shares in the near future.

Good Lord willing I’ll be heading down to Best Buy tomorrow to pick up a new TV. This week I’ll be putting my mom’s wireless network together, and then, I’ll be back in full effect.

MLG H3 Rosters Still Going Bananas

Posted in gaming with tags , , , , , , , , , , on July 25, 2008 by Paulie Danger

The MLG front office has put an embargo on several blogs from players involved in this past week’s fuster cluck of roster moves.  Ogre 1, Neighbor and TSquared are usually pretty good about writing blogs after events, and Ogre 1 has a blog submitted that’s waiting for aproval.

That being said, there are some more developments.  As some keen B-Net observers noticed a new tag possibly associated to Neighbor who’s been running MLG playlist games with members of Final Boss.  Major League Gaming officially announced the worst kept secret in the league this afternoon when Neighbor officially filed for free agency and then immediately was signed by Final Boss.

A less publicized move, but one that’s still raising eyebrows is Mackeo joining up with former rivals Triggers Down.  Earlier this season a tD Mackeo tag would have been a joke as Mackeo and TD had major beef.  But as they say, “politics makes strange bedfellows”.  

In a less dramatic, but still very important move, Str8’s coach XXX (AKA: Triple X) announced via the MLGpro message board that he is now coaching Instinct.  Trips was kind enough to give us his coaching resume in the post: 1 time MLG Halo Champion (2006), 1 time MLG Halo 2nd place (2007), 1 time MLG Shadowrun Champion (2007).  7 total tournament wins for 3 teams as a coach.  He’s beginning to get a reputation as a coach who can turn a top 4 team into a top team.

This finally solidifies the top 4 teams for Toronto:
Str8 Rippin – TSquared, Elamite Warrior, Legit & Snypedown
Triggers Down – SK, FearItSelf, Hysteria & Mackeo
Final Boss – Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Strong Side & Neighbor
Instinct – Roy, Lunchbox, Walshy & Soviet
(new players in bold)

This whole thing feels like baseball at the trade deadline where the top teams are trying to improve for the stretch run.  All these roster moves means that Toronto will be dripping with story, and really put the focus on Major League Gaming.  I haven’t ever heard this much MLG chatter this far out from a tournament before.

The problem is all the confusion over passports.  The MLG site is stating definitively that everyone needs a passport to cross into Canada, however, there seems to be some contradictory information floating around the message boards.

Meanwhile, while Major League Gaming is putting on their Young and the Restless mask, Evo 2k8 is ramping up.  This weekend the Evo Europe qualifiers take place at the Battle of Destiny.  Last weekend was Evo South America in Brazil.  This week Evo announced that they’ll have several new releases for exhibit as side games.  They include: Street Fighter 2HD, Street Fighter 4, BluBlaze and Tatsunoku vs Capcom.

I have a feeling 2008 and 2009 are going to be good years to be 2D fighting fans.

(edited @ 12:45: added information regarding XXX joining Instinct)

MLG Toronto

Posted in gaming with tags , , , , on July 25, 2008 by Paulie Danger

My new business partner, who calls himself the Messiah of the Backbreaker, called me up last night and asked if I was interested in making a little road trip to North Buffalo for a little Halo LAN.  So August 22-24 I’ll be in the Great White North with a couple hundred of my close friends watching the most hyped Halo tournament in MLG history.

I’m also considering changing my handle.  I’ve been using Paulie Danger as a go-by for years.  Before I was Danger, I used SARS, and my first (or the earliest handle I remember) is Digital Monk (AKA: DigiMo).  But I think when I get back on XBL I’ll be changing my handle to The Apostle (AKA: St. Paul).

I’ve even got my logo, courtesy of the St. Paul Saints baseball club:

And yes, I have two StP hats in the mail.  But it’s okay, I’m not a poser because I’m actually a fan of indy baseball, and the Saints are usually a good team.

Chaos in the MLG Halo 3 Ranks

Posted in gaming with tags , , , , , on July 24, 2008 by Paulie Danger

I’ve always been the “anti-MLG guy”, but in all honesty, Sundance and Sepso have paved the way for guys like me that want to run competitive console based gaming tournaments.  (So thanks, Sundance.)

I checked for the first time in a few days and was greeted on the front page with the news that team Final Boss has dropped Walshy.  Final Boss was the most dominant Halo:CE and Halo 2 team on the planet.*  When MLG was in it’s formative days, Walshy and the Ogre twins were the league’s collective face.  On the USA Network show, Final Boss got half the coverage.  So for about 20 minutes an episode you basically watched someone from Final Boss go bananas.  They swept the 2005 Pro Circuit, and were finally beaten deep in the 2006 season by Carbon only to rebound and win the the ’07 season.

Final Boss releasing Walshy opened the flood gates for basically every top team in the league to do some roster jockeying.  As of 4:30 Wednesday afternoon, nineout of of the seventeen teams in the league had at least one open roster spot.  The top 4 teams are going nuts.

Str8 Rippin (1st place) lost Neighbor to Final Boss (4th place).  Rumors of Snipedown on 2nd place Triggers Down leaving for Str8 were all but confirmed by Snipedown on the MLGPro board, but have not been reflected in the official rosters.  This leaves Triggers Down who are fresh off a win in Orlando without a 4th.  The team that shouldn’t be overlooked in all of this is Instinct who worked the free agent wire like crazy who picked up the original Captain Clutch, AKA: Walshy and Soviet.

This marks the first time top tier MLG rosters have been juggled like this ever.  Final Boss has made 2 roster changes in four or five years, and until now the biggest roster news ever was Carbon dropping Ghandi last minute a few events ago.  Ghandi, by the way found himself onto 8th place team PSF who are (like a lot of other teams) looking for a 4th for Toronto.

One of the Ogre Twins’ girlfriends, who goes by TheAMY has posted several posts on the MLG board defending her boys, and rightfully so.  If the Phillies traded Chase Utley people would be upset, but they’d still be Phillies fans.  This, my friends, is the nature of sports.  We want esports to be recognized as professional competitions, this is what we’re in for.  These are teams, not friends (though being friends with your teammates helps).  That essay aside, this basically resets the season in time for Toronto giving teams one last chance to find their groove before the Dallas playoffs.

The moves aren’t done yet, there are some high profile F/A’s out there to be had.  And since MLG awards points to players more than teams, there are some points to be picked up for Dallas seeding.  And trust me, if you’re Nice Like Rice sitting in 16 spot, you’re looking to move up a couple spots.  There are three harsh teams at the top of the ladder.

But let’s look at what’s going on:
1st Place: Str8 Rippin – T2, Elamite Warrior, Legit, Snipedown(?)
The knock on Str8 comming in to the ’08 season was that they under performed.  Many people gave credit to their run this year to Neighbor being sick.  If you lose the all-star and replace him with the mercenary (Snipe’s looking at his third team of the season), can you keep on over performing?

2nd Place: Triggers Down – SK, FearItSelf, Hysteria, ?
Some say Snipedown was the reason tD won Orlando.  Heading into Toronto the question is, can they pick up a 4th that can fill that void?

3rd Place: Instinct – ROY, Luncbox, Walshy, Soviet
Without question Instinct became the team to beat in Toronto.  They picked up the biggest free agent in MLG history, and added another gamebreaker in Soviet.  If this team can gel in time for TOR, then we could quite possibly see a performance on par with Str8 marching through San Diego undefeated.  But can a team with 2 new players mesh that quickly?  And after playing with the same three dudes for years, can Walshy adjust to three new players around him?  FB has their own call-outs that only FB truly understands.  Can he adjust to a new set of call-outs in time to make this work?

4th Place: Final Boss – Ogre1, Ogre2, StrongSide, Neighbor
The Ogres and StrongSide turned themselves into the Evil Empire by dropping Walshy.  Some would argue that they’ve been the Evil Empire for two or three years.  The nay-sayers are saying that adding Neighbor is a lateral move for FB, a team that’s under performed since H3 replaced H2 this season.  A fith place finish at Orlando left FB on the outside looking in.  Will Neighbor bring the right chemsitry to put MLG’s New York Yankees back on track?

Some more interesting things to keep in mind as MLG gets ready to head up to North Buffalo (AKA: Toronto).  Believe the Hype, the 9th place team at Orlando disbanded.  Instinct left a lot of points on the table by releasing Mackeo (2800) and Victory X (2700), FeaR (2075).  Those three guys alone could jump into the Top 8.  An enterpising coach of one of those two semi-pro teams (Nice Like Rice & Dirty Ghetto Kids) could immediately become players by picking up any combination of those three guys.

It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on the MLG boards over the next couple days.