More MLG News.

The air is thick with drama on this sultry Monday morning. More reaction to the Halo roster shake-ups is hitting. Str8’s Legit’s blog has broken past the embargo, yet we still are waiting to hear from any member of Final Boss.

Like I said yesterday, I got myself a sweet new TV. I pulled the Xbox out of a travel case for the first time in three weeks (has it been 3 weeks? my math is shit). The Xbox smells like smoke. It doesn’t smell like smoke, really. I mean, my Xbox doesn’t smell like a cigarette. It almost smells like a charcoal briquette. Actually, it smells like the firehouse after a working job. Which makes a hell of a lot of sense. The funny thing is this, the DVD in the Xbox when I turned it on for the first time since the morning of the apartment fire: Rescue Me (season 3).

On to more important news. Your boy Danger was down to his last fifty cents in his Full Tilt Poker account. A second place in a 45-entrant $1+.25 tournament puts him back in double digits.  Nothing like sheer desperation to help a guy win a few hands.


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