MLG Toronto

My new business partner, who calls himself the Messiah of the Backbreaker, called me up last night and asked if I was interested in making a little road trip to North Buffalo for a little Halo LAN.  So August 22-24 I’ll be in the Great White North with a couple hundred of my close friends watching the most hyped Halo tournament in MLG history.

I’m also considering changing my handle.  I’ve been using Paulie Danger as a go-by for years.  Before I was Danger, I used SARS, and my first (or the earliest handle I remember) is Digital Monk (AKA: DigiMo).  But I think when I get back on XBL I’ll be changing my handle to The Apostle (AKA: St. Paul).

I’ve even got my logo, courtesy of the St. Paul Saints baseball club:

And yes, I have two StP hats in the mail.  But it’s okay, I’m not a poser because I’m actually a fan of indy baseball, and the Saints are usually a good team.


One Response to “MLG Toronto”

  1. jbeavers Says:

    hey send me a FR sometime man and maybe we can run some games…
    StucK vII

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