How to Be Cool (On a K-Mart Budget)

You know, for the most part house fires turn into a “Sorry ’bout your luck” situation.  But because I lived in Chester and not any of the smaller communities, I did get some Red Cross assistance.  Part of the assistance was a clothing voucher good at K-Mart.

So today I have to head over to the big red ‘K’ and do some shopping.  Fortunately, I don’t have expensive tastes.  I need a couple pairs of shorts, a couple pairs of pants, and some t-shirts and polo shirts.  Since I have the fashion sense of a a Republican farmer, I’ve called my friend Maura for assistance.  She’s a roller derby girl, former pro-wrestler and nearly a professional karaoke singer.  She has a little more style than I do.  Hopefully between the two of us we can pull together something.  I’m not looking for clothes that will get me laid, I’m just hoping for clothes that won’t cock-block me.


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