Despite it’s flaws, I love baseball

I had to leave for work after the second inning of the All Star game yesterday.  But I was keeping tabs on it when I could thanks to sports radio.

Now here’s the thing.  I love baseball.  I really do.  This is inspite of the fact that in the last season and a half I’ve been to 1 game.  Wilmington Blue Rocks home opener last year.  It was cold as balls.  But summer doesn’t officially begin for me until I’ve been to a game.  I need a dog and a Coke on a warm spring afternoon to really feel like summer’s here.

I’ve been to hundreds of baseball games in two countries.  I’ve umpired, played, scorekept.  I’ve played probably a dozen different video game baseball titles.  And it doesn’t matter what I’ve got going on in my life.  I can always (and I mean always) sit back and enjoy a game.

Last year when my dad and I were starting to rebuild our relationship, the first thing we did together without my mom was take in a ball game out in Lancaster.  The last thing my mom, grandpop and I did as a family before he passed was go to a Blue Rocks game.  And most of my memories with my grandmother involve either Transformers or baseball cards.

So I think when I say this, it comes with a bit of authority on the topic.

Baseball is the great game.  It pulls us through all the emotions of the human experience, and can help us hide from those emotions as well.  It changes just enough to stay modern but is classic enough to not be a fad.  From Abner Doubleday to Derek Jeter, the game is essentially the same.  You hit a ball, you catch a ball, you throw a ball and you run a little.

I take a deep sense of solace in knowing that the game I left a few years ago will be the same game I pick up this year.  It will be the same game today as it will be in forty years when I’m hopefully teaching my grandkids the love of the game.


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