E3 on G4 (with other combinations of letters and numbers)

I am without question, or shame an Xbox fanboy.  I have been since Halo: CE, which consumed much of my college days.  I went through no less than four controllers for the OG system including a MadCatz Micro and an AirFlo II.  I love my 360, and last Thursday the first thing I did when I was back in my apartment was turn on my 360 to make sure the smoke didn’t RROD it.  Forunately for me, it fired up.  Still smells like the buisness end of a charcol pit and it hasn’t been out of it’s carrier since Thursday night.  But I know when I settle in somewhere and fire it up, it will glow it’s loving green at me again.

That all being said, I watched the replay of the Microsoft press conference from E3 on G4 still dreaming I had a T1 after watching D3 (that’s Mighty Ducks 3 for the uninitiated).

The two announcements that really had me itching were the updates to the dashboard and the resolution of the current state of BNet.  I came away feeling empty and sad, though.  First, the dashboard I think is going to hell.  The new avatar system: if you want an avatar, buy a Wii.  Otherwise, just fix the minor flaws with my current dashboard and go away.

And, well, the Bungie thing went to hell on them.  I am hoping we see a Halo based tac.shooter in the COD4/Tom Clancy vein.  But a new property that allows them to explore their more quirky side would not be a dissapointment, either.  Matter of fact, I almost wish Portal was a Bungie property.  The cake is a lie, indeed.

The Portal expansion is sort of exciting, and Rock Band 2 seems like it will be a huge hit, particularly with the no-swap forward compatibility of RB1 songs.  Now if we can just get Harmonix and Red Octane to sit down and put to bed this preipheral war, I’d be thrilled.  I hate that I’ll need 2 giant plastic drum sets to play Rock Band & GH4.  That’s full of fail.


One Response to “E3 on G4 (with other combinations of letters and numbers)”

  1. thanks for the tip about the wii sensor plugin.
    And I have to agree about the whole Avatar thing going on Xbox – I think the Dashboard looks fine how it is and doesn’t need some little jerkoff running around on it.

    I like my Wii but I think those little avatars things suck and they remind me of bobbleheads. But what do you expect with something that doesn’t play regular dvds and is priced under 300 dollars?

    As my first “new gen” game console was a playstation 2; I loved it for what it was – the simplicity. But since my boyfriend acquired an Xbox Elite, I prefer all games to be played on Xbox but can step out of the Xbox Green Glow long enough to play Wii Fit.

    Actually, before I type something that could easily be a post on my blog, I’ll end here and say that I’ll be checking back on yours.

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