Fire Update

Pics are posted of my house fire on another site.  I’m starting to process what happened yesterday.  I’m thinking about it from a very…esoteric I guess, point of view.  I’ve been a fireman for a few years, but I haven’t seen too much fire.  But I can categorically declare that being on the victim side of a fire is a very lonely, sad, helpless feeling.  And I can also say with full confidence that yesterday reaffirmed why I joined the fire department in the first place.  I’ve said for years that the reason I became a fireman is because when we show up, a very bad day is about to get better.

The most amazing part, and I’m saying this not as a fireman, but as a house fire victim.  There were five fire departments on scene, plus crews for a canteen truck, the Red Cross Disaster Relief Team and the Salvation Army, Crozer medics Chester PD and Chester CSI.  Out of all those people, and let’s use 6 as an average crew per company.  That’s 35 firemen, four on the canteen, for from PD, and five from Salvation Army and Red Cross.  Out of close to 50 people, less than a dozen were being paid to be there.  The rest of them, all but ten of the firemen, were there because they have this urge to help.

I’m used to being on the other side.  I’m used to throwing ladders, and being relatively productive.  But standing around in my PJ’s…gives me a whole new appreciation for the job.  And the downstairs neighbors.  The elderly couple in the fire building.  They lost absolutely everything.  And I never thought about this before, but they’re standing there watching a fire brigade passing out all of their possesions through the gaping whole that was their front window.  It’s absolutely goddamned heartbreaking.

But I’m okay.  All I lost was my apartment and some clothes.  The few pictures I had, I still have.  The expensive stuff, my computer, my Xbox.  The stuff I need and want, I still have.  They all smell like charcol pit.  But I still have them.

I moved back in to mom’s house for a few days.  I’m licking my wounds and catching my breath.  But I need to decide what my next move is.


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