2 Alarm

I woke up yesterday afternoon to a police officer banging on the pocket door at the top of my steps. He had kicked in the front door at the bottom of the steps. When I opened my eyes, I noticed an odd haze in my apartment. Turns out the four apartment duplex I lived in was on fire. Started on the other side of the building in the basement.

I have too many thoughts that are bottlenecking somewhere important. I may write more about it later. But for right now I just want to say thank God that none of us were hurt. Thank God for strong firewalls. And thanks to all my brother firemen who came to my aid.

My apartment is uninhabitable right now. Crews from my firehouse gave me skylights in my bedroom and the bathroom. But the other side of the building is gutted. The elderly couple that lived in the fire apartment…I don’t know. My heart goes out to them. They lost absolutely everything. And unfortunately they both have memory problems, and the wife wasn’t comprehending that she wasn’t going to be able to stay there anymore.

All in all a shitty day. But being someone who’s used to seeing people get kicked when they’re down, it was incredibly uplifting to have that many people, and a lot of whom run at my fire house, come up to me and ask what I needed. They all made sure I was okay. I love those guys. I’ve never been in the position where someone had to risk it all for me like they did. And from the cop who kicked my door to the crews that went to the roof. None of them hesitated. I think I may owe that cop a case of beer.


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