Was it a tomato or an upper GI bleed?

There’s nothing better than a well turned phrase.  A few of my favorites for use during marathon Call of Duty sessions:

I’m like a buritto, I make shit happen.
I’m going to put on my gorilla suit and go bannanas.
Call Senator Mitchell, I think he’s on ‘roids.
What do me and your mom’s crotch have in common?  We’re both on fire.
Pull out your little orange whistle, you’re getting raped.

That last one I reserve for special occasions, like when I’m giving some loud mouth with an “MLG” handle a particularly deserved hardcore beatdown.

I had full intentions to post five MP3’s for you guys, but I started playing Forza 2…and well.  You know.  Tomorrow, though.  And Matt!, it’ll definitely be a pre-2000 emo mix and full of awesome.  And by the way, since you mentioned Sarge.  I’m sure you’ve heard The Reptuation, they were fronted by Sarge’s Elizabeth Elsmore.  If not, go check them out…now.


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