Three Songs (It’s Thursday)

There are three songs in the folder.

About a hundred years ago when I used to hang out on South St, my then girlfriend (later to be ex-fiance) and I ducked into a record store to see what we could see. I picked up an EP from an indie rock trio called Rainer Maria called Atlantic. It was a strong three song EP, but with all the other records I was buying back then, it quickly got pushed out of regular rotation. Three years ago I was at a used CD shop and saw a live CD/DVD combo they released. It was $5, and I’m a sucker for anything live, and any concert DVD. The DVD, called Anyone in Love With You (Already Knows) is probably still available from PolyVinyl Records. But on the DVD was a video for the song I’ve uploaded, Ears Ring. It’s one of their rockier songs with a quick and simple meledy which I think is a little bit of a contrast to their later songs. Caithlyn DeMarrais’ vocals are the real standout, and have a Braid-type quality to them. The band broke up (as good bands tend to do), but guitarist Kyle Fischer has released a solo album, and Caithlyn is still active up in Brooklyn.

I don’t have as personal an attachment to either of the other songs. Asobi Seksu‘s Walk on the Moon has a “wall of noise” feel. I’ve always hated that term, and I don’t know many other people that use it. But particularly towards the end of the song the layers in the song build into an impressive crescendo.

I also included the song A Better Place by Joshua just because I like the hook.

None of these songs are going to fire you up during an all night Halo marathon. But if you like quality rock music, it will restore your faith. Since all these tracks were released around 2000 (I think), it may remind you that Fred Durst killed rock and roll. But at least we have the memories.

Click here for the rock.

Any comments for a more efficient way of delivering these musical gems would be greatly appreciated.


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