Infinity Ward = Awesome.

Infinity WardSaw this at QuarterPlay (sorry to hotlink the graphic, Ben).  Thought it was great, until I remembered that Call of Duty 5 is going back to WW2 and is being built by Treyarch.

Good job Activision taking the biggest hit of 2007 and letting someone else do the sequel.  Thumbs up there.

Of course as we’re all starting to hear, COD5 will be set in the Pacific Theater during WW2 with multiplayer supporting vehicle play.  You know what this means?  KAMIKAZE RAIDS, FTW!

In other news a little closer to home.  PhillyGamers signed a new sponsor today. will soon become the official server provider of  We’ll put a new web design into high gear and work on migrating to the new server hopefully before the July 6th start of the Summer Season.

And the gaming news keeps on coming.  This weekend I’ll be going through an orientation seminar and begin boot camp with one of the more famous gaming groups out there.  I’m joining PMS Clan’s male division.  The H2O waterboys.  I’m going to be playing in the H3 division, and hopefully team-up with a couple local kids who finished recruiting last week.

Other than that, we’re officially in the 1-month countdown to the Summer Season opening.  I’m starting to get nervous about attendance.  A lot of the fighter players are giving us grief because they don’t like that we capped entries.  I haven’t heard anything out of the Guitar Hero player rep.  But everyone’s assuring me we’ll have a bunch of players in that bracket.

July 6th isn’t going to be make-or-break for us.  But we’ll be trying a lot of things for the first time.  So I’m going to feel like I’m taking the PSAT’s in front of a room full of college admissions officers.

Pray for Mojo.


3 Responses to “Infinity Ward = Awesome.”

  1. Hey,

    Congrats on recruiting! LoL, we haven’t called H2O’s “Waterboys” in 2 or so years now. We tossed that term out when we opened recruitment for them and they became completely equal.

    And the whole news about COD5 was pretty surprising but I have hopes that they won’t flush it down the John.

  2. I know they/we aren’t called waterboys anymore. I just think it’s a hilarious idea, though.

  3. Yes I can’t wait for COD5, I hope they’ll improve the gaming experience in COD series.

    I was somehow dissappointed with COD4, so I hope the next one will improve my opinion.

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