Oh We Oh, I Look Just Like Buddy Holly

One of the message boards I frequent had a conversation turn towards music.  Someone mentioned that they like Hawthorne Heights and some of the other “emo” bands out there today.  This made me mad.  Mostly because I’m old.  But partially because I remember when emo was just stripped down indie rock.  There were no goth kids in arm socks at emo shows.  There were a lot of sweather vests and buddy holly glasses.

And I realized that the best emo bands, the best rock bands out there all look like math professors.

I may have to edit this post after work to include some links.  But do yourselves a favor, open up Google in a new tab and search these bands:

Rainer Maria, Pavement, Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado, Texas is the Reason, The Promise Ring, The Get-up Kids, Jejune, The Cancer Conspiracy, Built to Spill, The Operation (most members are now in mewithoutYou), Milemarker, Victory at Sea.

Still interested?  Search these record labels:
crank!, PolyVinyl, Secretly Canadian, Big Wheel Rec, BurntToast Vinyl. 

None will steer you wrong.  I may start posting links to MP3’s.  Just not from work.


One Response to “Oh We Oh, I Look Just Like Buddy Holly”

  1. YES!! I was JUST thinking about this today! You forgot a few of my faves – Braid, Sarge, Sweep The Leg Johnny, (early) Piebald, Compound Red, and so so so many more I can’t think of right now. This is awesome! We should make pre-2000 emo mixes, hahaha

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