Things I’m Thankful For.

I’ve learned a lot in my 30 years.  One of them is take moments like this, where I want to put on my guerilla suit and go bannanas, and take a step back and take a deep breath.


Okay.  I’m stuck at work waiting for this pitiful excuse of a computer network to start working.  And I just wanted to go through a quick list of things I’m thankful for.

1. Airconditioners.  I’m Irish, my people weren’t built for 100F heat.

2. Transformers 2 (in production).  There was a high-suck possibility with the first one.  And despite the movie swinging loosely from Chrysler Corp’s nuts, the film delivered as only a 29 year old fan boy could.  And how can we say no to more Shia LeBouf’s self depricating style, or more of Megan Fox?  (x2 on that last one.)

3. Strippers.  No, really.  Think about.  Yeah, they only care about your money, but it takes a very special kind of woman to rub her goodies up on your stank ass.

4. Offspring.  Great punk band, and they had the smarts to steal Chinese Democracy from that basketcase rockstar, Axl Rose.

5. Redheads. The few, the proud, the spitfires that have been the love and loathe of my life.  One day I will return to Ireland, and there I will claim my redheaded bride.  She longs and waits for me, her generously overweight, American prince.  Stay faithful to me, lass.  Aye, she’s a good one, there.

I believe now that I am sufficiently calm enough to finish my day without pulling a Michael Douglas.



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