The record label is dead.  Done, finished and over with.  Pretty soon bands will realize that they don’t need record labels to make money on them, instead they’ll start to make money for themselves.

Anyway, I just found, where you can buy shares in a band.  $50,000 shares sold, the band goes into the studio, and you make money on album sales and ad revenue.  Now, how many albums it will take to recoup that $50,000 isn’t on the front page, and I haven’t jumped in to see how paybacks are handled, but it’s an interesting enough concept that owns shares in a couple bands.

I’m assuming the band would have to make $75k or more for “believers” to see a return on their investment.  Do any of these bands have six-digit forecasts?  That’s what you really have to believe in


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  1. Crazy! Thanks for sharing. Does this mean that shareholders will convene at board meetings to discuss the importance of tweaking the lyrics on the bottomline? Will the chairman of the board have the final say on the concert venues chosen for the summer? Who knows….it’ll be fun to watch and see.

  2. It is fun to watch and see. For every part you purchase of $10 USD you get a limited edition cd this is wort the $10 as is thus the revenue sharing for 24 months is really just bonus. However many people have jumped in and bought up over 100 parts in individual artists and thus are looking for ROI rather then just preordering a LE cd and joining in Revenue sharing.

    The believers (those people who bought parts in artists) don’t really have a say in the music unless the artist states so. In fact the artist once they reach 50k make all the decisions themselves with advise from Sellaband experts. To date 22 artists have reached 50k with 10 albums currently available for resale through over 50 digital download portals and retail outlets throughout the U.K. I had heard of talks with U.S. retail distributors though nothing for quite a while.

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