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Wisdom of Our Fathers.

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Tim Russert, you’ll be missed by political junkies and laymen alike.

I grew up without my dad.  And it’s only been in the last year that he and I have begun to mend that relationship.  This father’s day, one of only two I’ve had reason to recognize, was particularly difficult.  It was my first without my grandfather.

My mom, who’s life is unrecognizable from the one she was leading on Father’s Day 2007, is a rabid Tim Russert fan.  She had hoped to spend Sunday morning in one of her few familiar places.  Sitting in the kitchen knitting and watching Meet the Press.

I miss my grandfather.  We butted heads more often than not, but I miss him.  He was a good, honest, hard working man.  And at the end of the day, despite our differences, I love him.  And it’s hard this week.  Thinking about that afternoon, going to Mom’s house to check on him.  Finding him on his back in the basement.  Watching medic 101B and 67-7A pull up in front of my mom’s house.  Trailing two EMT’s, a paramedic and two policemen, and watching my grandfather leave his house for what would be the last time.

The month went downhill from there.  And my mom was on vacation in Israel.  So now I keep my grandfather with me on my shoulder.  He’s there in my shamrock patch.  A cluster of four leaf clovers that represent the people in my life that I’ve loved and lost.  My grandparents on my mom’s side who helped raise me.  My grandmother on my dad’s side, who I never met, but left for me art.  My Aunt Pat, the only other family who came for my high school graduation.

Now to my dad.  I almost don’t want to let him back in my life sometimes because I don’t like the idea of adding too many more shamrocks to the garden.  But he really is a good guy.  And I know it’s a relationship that needs to be mended.  It’s bad enough I went through my childhood without him.  But to not have him now that I’m a man.  I need him around.  I need to start carving that father-son relationship.

I listened to how Tim Russert spoke about his dad, Big Russ.  I wonder if it’s too late for me to develop that kind of love for my dad.  It’s still so foreign for me to say “dad”.  But we’re working on it.  So far we’re still in a very polite-to-each-other phase.  Eventually I hope we get to the place where we’re comfortable farting and scratching our balls around each other.

Then again, my dad’s a Republican.  Do Republicans scratch their balls?  Or just hire migrant workers to do it for them?  Though, he is a Ron Paul Republican.  So at least I know the migrant worker would have a benefits package and a 401(k).

I don’t know.  My mind’s all over the place right now.  All I’m sure of is this: if you have your dad.  Appreciate him.  If you don’t, you’re not alone.

Me and the new girl went out yesterday.  Well, after she filled the back of the Dakota with ferret & cat food and kitty litter, we came back to the Danger Dungeon and watched SWAT.  It was good, though.


I Suppose I’m Off the Market…Or Something….

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It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship.  Two and a half years I guess.  Of course I’ve had relations, but that’s an entirely different thing.  When you’re in a relationship, after sex you cuddle.  When you’re in relations, after sex you get dressed and leave.

But for the third time I’m getting into a relationship with a friend of mine.  I’m hoping this one works out better than the first two.

The first one ended because the girl didn’t have time for a boyfriend.  Working full time, going to school full time, and trying to be my first girlfriend.  Just didn’t leave enough time for sleep.  The second one was a disaster.  We ended up engaged, but it didn’t work out.  It turned out to be for the best though, since we wanted different things.  I wanted a white picket fence, and she wanted to fuck a lot of other guys.

She got what she wanted.

She’s a good girl, though.  Big anime fan, which is as close to being a gamer girl as I think I’ll get.  We do have different tastes in anime.  I like ninjas and big robots.  She likes Inuyasha.  She owns cats, and I’m a dog person.  But besides that, I think we’re perfect for each other.  So we’re going to give it a shot.

Who know, we may actually have a healthy, sane, good relationship.  That would be a nice change of pace.

Three Songs (It’s Thursday)

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There are three songs in the folder.

About a hundred years ago when I used to hang out on South St, my then girlfriend (later to be ex-fiance) and I ducked into a record store to see what we could see. I picked up an EP from an indie rock trio called Rainer Maria called Atlantic. It was a strong three song EP, but with all the other records I was buying back then, it quickly got pushed out of regular rotation. Three years ago I was at a used CD shop and saw a live CD/DVD combo they released. It was $5, and I’m a sucker for anything live, and any concert DVD. The DVD, called Anyone in Love With You (Already Knows) is probably still available from PolyVinyl Records. But on the DVD was a video for the song I’ve uploaded, Ears Ring. It’s one of their rockier songs with a quick and simple meledy which I think is a little bit of a contrast to their later songs. Caithlyn DeMarrais’ vocals are the real standout, and have a Braid-type quality to them. The band broke up (as good bands tend to do), but guitarist Kyle Fischer has released a solo album, and Caithlyn is still active up in Brooklyn.

I don’t have as personal an attachment to either of the other songs. Asobi Seksu‘s Walk on the Moon has a “wall of noise” feel. I’ve always hated that term, and I don’t know many other people that use it. But particularly towards the end of the song the layers in the song build into an impressive crescendo.

I also included the song A Better Place by Joshua just because I like the hook.

None of these songs are going to fire you up during an all night Halo marathon. But if you like quality rock music, it will restore your faith. Since all these tracks were released around 2000 (I think), it may remind you that Fred Durst killed rock and roll. But at least we have the memories.

Click here for the rock.

Any comments for a more efficient way of delivering these musical gems would be greatly appreciated.

Leave your “twitter” jokes in your pocket.

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I am attempting to not be an intarw3bs hermit.  I signed up for Twitter.

Was it a tomato or an upper GI bleed?

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There’s nothing better than a well turned phrase.  A few of my favorites for use during marathon Call of Duty sessions:

I’m like a buritto, I make shit happen.
I’m going to put on my gorilla suit and go bannanas.
Call Senator Mitchell, I think he’s on ‘roids.
What do me and your mom’s crotch have in common?  We’re both on fire.
Pull out your little orange whistle, you’re getting raped.

That last one I reserve for special occasions, like when I’m giving some loud mouth with an “MLG” handle a particularly deserved hardcore beatdown.

I had full intentions to post five MP3’s for you guys, but I started playing Forza 2…and well.  You know.  Tomorrow, though.  And Matt!, it’ll definitely be a pre-2000 emo mix and full of awesome.  And by the way, since you mentioned Sarge.  I’m sure you’ve heard The Reptuation, they were fronted by Sarge’s Elizabeth Elsmore.  If not, go check them out…now.

Infinity Ward = Awesome.

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Infinity WardSaw this at QuarterPlay (sorry to hotlink the graphic, Ben).  Thought it was great, until I remembered that Call of Duty 5 is going back to WW2 and is being built by Treyarch.

Good job Activision taking the biggest hit of 2007 and letting someone else do the sequel.  Thumbs up there.

Of course as we’re all starting to hear, COD5 will be set in the Pacific Theater during WW2 with multiplayer supporting vehicle play.  You know what this means?  KAMIKAZE RAIDS, FTW!

In other news a little closer to home.  PhillyGamers signed a new sponsor today. will soon become the official server provider of  We’ll put a new web design into high gear and work on migrating to the new server hopefully before the July 6th start of the Summer Season.

And the gaming news keeps on coming.  This weekend I’ll be going through an orientation seminar and begin boot camp with one of the more famous gaming groups out there.  I’m joining PMS Clan’s male division.  The H2O waterboys.  I’m going to be playing in the H3 division, and hopefully team-up with a couple local kids who finished recruiting last week.

Other than that, we’re officially in the 1-month countdown to the Summer Season opening.  I’m starting to get nervous about attendance.  A lot of the fighter players are giving us grief because they don’t like that we capped entries.  I haven’t heard anything out of the Guitar Hero player rep.  But everyone’s assuring me we’ll have a bunch of players in that bracket.

July 6th isn’t going to be make-or-break for us.  But we’ll be trying a lot of things for the first time.  So I’m going to feel like I’m taking the PSAT’s in front of a room full of college admissions officers.

Pray for Mojo.

Oh We Oh, I Look Just Like Buddy Holly

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One of the message boards I frequent had a conversation turn towards music.  Someone mentioned that they like Hawthorne Heights and some of the other “emo” bands out there today.  This made me mad.  Mostly because I’m old.  But partially because I remember when emo was just stripped down indie rock.  There were no goth kids in arm socks at emo shows.  There were a lot of sweather vests and buddy holly glasses.

And I realized that the best emo bands, the best rock bands out there all look like math professors.

I may have to edit this post after work to include some links.  But do yourselves a favor, open up Google in a new tab and search these bands:

Rainer Maria, Pavement, Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado, Texas is the Reason, The Promise Ring, The Get-up Kids, Jejune, The Cancer Conspiracy, Built to Spill, The Operation (most members are now in mewithoutYou), Milemarker, Victory at Sea.

Still interested?  Search these record labels:
crank!, PolyVinyl, Secretly Canadian, Big Wheel Rec, BurntToast Vinyl. 

None will steer you wrong.  I may start posting links to MP3’s.  Just not from work.