Female Gamers

In the last six months I’ve gotten very involved in the eSports (professional video gaming) community.  One thing about it bugs me.  I mean, aside from all the mop-top haircuts that the teenagers are sporting these days.

What really bugs me is that video gaming is a competitive event that men and women can compete on equal footing in.  But despite that women are still pooled together.  There are womens Counter-Strike competitions, and all female clans, and the CGS even has male & female DOA brackets.  But men have no inate advantage in gaming.  Being physically larger than (most) women does not give me an upper hand when Kasumi-Chan is beating down on me on DOA4.  Nor does it give me an advantage when I’m getting double tapped in the dome by PMS’s Halo players.

The problem is really two fold, though.  Not only is the “old boys” mentality of “women don’t belong in gaming” being applied, making competitive gaming uncomfortable to some women who are harrased for being female.  But some are holding women up on a pedestal.  They are elevating otherwise average gamers to pro status simply because they are women.

I think it’s time we dump the all-girl CS competitions, and let women fight it out on the same turf the men fight on.  Let the top talent rise to the top based on their talent, and not thier assets.  The top female players are just as good as the top male players.  And if we’re all fighting on the same playing field, then sponsorships and entries will go to the best.  Not the best women, or the best men.  But the best.


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