Work Blog #2

I haven’t been able to sleep this week.  It started Tuesday morning after work.  I get home around 7 and play a couple games of Halo 3.  And I’m destroying some randoms in MLG.  When I power down the 360 and go to lay down I hear it.  The noise that would be the bane of my week.  My landlord, downstairs in the newly vacant apartment hammering away.  Eight hours this bastard is downstairs and all he does is bang on walls.  You’d think I’d be able to fall asleep when he takes a break to use a saw, or a screw driver, or something a little quieter.  But no.  Hammer.  All day long.  For two days.

The one break he does take on Wednesday is around noon when I get home from running errands.  I come home to an open door.  He’s upstairs finally fixing the hot water leak.  Two hours and an unfinished job later he leaves with “I’ll be back tomorrow morning.”  So Thursday morning I don’t go to bed when I get home from work.  And I stay up all damn day.  And he never shows up.

Not that I’m surprised.

And then today.  I was planning on falling asleep around 1pm.  Plenty of time to get a good night’s sleep before work.  And then I get a call from my business partner telling me the venue we had in Mayfair for tournaments is booked right through July.

So I spent all day on the phone trying to find venues.

One fire house wanted $950 for four hours.  The conversation went a little like this:
Him: Well, it’s $950 for four hours.
Me: $900 for four hours?  That’s bananas.
Him: It’s $950 for four hours.
Me: $950 is a barrel of bananas.
* click *
Me: (to unoccupied fish tank) That’s fucking bananas.
Unoccupied Fish Tank: CLEAN ME!

After making a dozen or so phone calls and doing nothing but running face first into walls, I decided it was time for sleep.  So I put in the Playmakers’ DVD.  Playmakers, if you don’t remember, was an ESPN entertainment series that felt more like an HBO series.  It followed the on and off field drama of a fictional professional football team full of negative stereotypes.  It’s was an awesome show until the NFL said, “Hey, we don’t like people shining a light on our shortcomings.”  And it was cancelled after one season.

The moral of the story, though is: If you play in the NFL, keep enough money around to quiet people up.

I need some freakin’ sleep.


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