Cinco de Double XP

Spawn CampersI haven’t played a Double XP weekend that I’ve enjoyed since Bungie threw Grifball out there.  This weekend is no exception.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Bungie’s put up a Fiesta 2XP weekend that will run through Tuesday.  Gameplay includes random starting weapons, which is about all I played.

And to be honest with you, I’m not a fan.  First of all, I am attrocious with a sniper rifle.  My weapons of choice are BR, beatdown and shotgun.  But spawning with the Spartan Lazer in front of a guy with rockets = epic phail.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of casual gameplay in Halo.  I love Grifball, and VIP & rocketrace are nice sidegames.  But some of these gametypes just aren’t enjoyable.  Last week was the infected weekend.  Horrible.  I played four games in that, and wanted to quit out of each one.

If Bungie really wanted to blow up a 2XP weekend, they’d throw the shotty/snipers playlist into their weekend hopper and watch.  And while we’re at it.  Can we get Grifball added to the Hardcore Playlists?

Just a thought.


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