Work Blog #1

Hayabusa ShoesOver the last decade I’ve had a chance to get to know a couple South Africans, and between getting to know them (albeit through email and instant messenger) and watching Springboks rugby, I have to say I’m completely fascinated by the culture.  South Africa strikes me as a bizzare combination of English, Dutch, American and African influences in one of the most secluded modernized nations in the world.  I won’t even get into how odd it is that their professional rugby union teams have to travel off continent to play matches (Go J-Burg Lions).

That of course has nothing to do with the photo which is a pair of slip-on sneakers (Vans?) have been painted in a Ninja Gaiden livery.  A different portrait of Hayabusa on each foot with a classic Japanese rising sun background.  The artist, who goes by the name kirstentjie on DeviantArt painted the shoes for her boyfriend.  Now, if she can hang in a game of Halo, he’s really hit the jackpot.

Kristen is considering painting the shoes for sale locally with dreams of shipping internationally.


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