Is it still cool to like Kevin Smith?

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I just read an article at about Kevin Smith’s appeal to the ratings board over Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  I’m hoping this brings Kevin Smith back into the realm of funny.  His last couple movies (Clerks 2 included) sort of missed the mark with me.  Clerks 2 was sort of “let’s capitalize on the 10 year anniversary hype”, Jersey Girl – I didn’t see, and J&SBSB did nothing for me.  Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back was sort of like watching someone else’s going away party video, except there’s no giant psudeo-Godzilla monster dropping little Starship Troopers bugs all over New York City.  But wouldn’t it have made the Damon & Affleck scene a little more interesting?


I LOVE Cosplay Girls

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I was over at Geekologie and saw a post about San Diego Comicon’s best cosplay costumes.  (I’d link, but I’m at work and already closed the window.)  It got me to thinking about how much I just absolutely love girls (18+ only, please…make that 21+) who cosplay.  Guys that cosplay, not so much.  Dudes cosplaying hits me the same way as dudes cheerleading.  I just can’t really see a dude doing that without ulterior motives that involve being around girls.  And cheerleading to meet chicks is just…well, brilliant, but still sort of underhanded.

But there’s another reason I can’t get behind dude cosplayers.  Obviously, there’s the fact that the overweight stringy-haired male comic book geek is a stereotype because it’s true more often than not.  So that means that there’s a high probability of more sad instances of fat-Tron-guy in male cosplayers.  I just think that’s unacceptable.  But the main reason I can’t support male cosplay is even more shallow than that.  I just think guys in capes look like tools.  Unless they’re Darth Vader. 

Darth Vader is a whole different thing.  Cosplaying as Darth Vader is one of the cooler things you can do as a geek.  First of all, you’ve got the whole Johnny Cash “Man in Black” thing going.  Everybody looks badass in black.  Then you’ve got the harsh looking helmet, accentuated electronically by the voice effects.  If we can get MadCatz to produce the iChoke (as described in Penny Arcade) then even I would do the Darth Vader thing.

But that gets away from the original point that girls dressed up like anime, comic and video game characters is (more often than not) really fucking hot.

Shoulders and Parties

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I don’t know how bum shoulders and LAN Parties go together.  But we’re going to find out.

Yesterday I woke up and my shoulder was absolutely killing me.  I did some serious damage to my rotator cuff when I worked at UPS.  I missed about two months total for it in two or three different stints on short term disability.  It never really healed, just got good enough to go back to work.  But I think I may have finally torn it.  I don’t know how, I mean unless I’m pitching eight innings on short rest while I’m asleep.

Now, onto the LAN parties.  Nothing is booked, but I may have some pretty exciting news for Philly-area geeks.

Stay tuned.  Or don’t.  I don’t care.

Oh Sweet Jesus.

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Rocket Racing League. Oh. Fuck. Yes.

Building a Better Emo Kid

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Everytime I hear “emo” associated to the musical debacle that’s been tagged “emo” for the last half dozen years.  I’ve said it before, emo isn’t stupid.  There are were some great emo bands out there.  Take a look at anything on the Polyvinyl label for instance.  By the way, in a very sad turn of events, Jade Tree Records executives have taken second jobs and are not returning phone calls so they can soccer-hooligan overseas (allegedly).

I don’t know exactly when emo became shitty goth-punk.  I really don’t.  One day emo kids are wearing 4″ cuffed blue jeans and sweater vests and the next they look like a Tim Burton casting call.  The first time I saw an emo kid wearing arm socks I had the same reaction I did back in the day when I saw a white kid wearing a Public Enemy t-shirt.  It just doesn’t look right.  And I say that as a die-hard PE fan.  Me and Chuck D go way back.  I was even down with Professor Griff (who, dissapointedly isn’t the commissioner of Grifball).

Now, what brought this post up is a post on Geekologie about a robot with feelings.  The first thought I had was (as you’ll see in the comments) “Short, pale, emotional.  Fuck, they built an emo kid.”  This is really how my mind works.  Robot with feelings > Emo music sucks > White kids in Public Enemy T-shirts > Halo 3 mods.  I don’t understand me, either.

They Call Me “Coach Danger”

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After a couple days talking about it, I accepted the offer to coach an amateur Halo team.  I’m with High Velocity now.  The team is Assist (captain/objectives), Kevlar (slayer), AMBIANC3 (primary slayer) and ToBlaZen (support).  Amby & Blazen have pretty good MLG records, Ambiance has a couple top 32’s in his 10 MLG events and Blazen’s gone from top 128 to top 64 to top 32 this season.  Assist and Kevlar have been teaming since Orlando, and their individual records aren’t as sharp, but the four of them together have been running games.

I’m just looking through the MLG hopper games on B-Net.  It’s a really well balanced team.  Blazen’s a strong objectives player, and Kevlar is an excellent secondary slayer.  Nobody’s really outshining anyone else, the objectives guys are scoring points and the slayers are getting kills.

They won’t be ready for Toronto, but man, if we can get some cash to hit Dallas, I’m pretty excited to see what they can do.

Now, I just need to get someone to hook me up with a clipboard graphic like Triple-X had for Carbon and we’ll be solid fucking gold.

Since Video Doesn’t Work, Here’s a DVD

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Since WordPress is anti MLG hosted video, I had to edit this post so I don’t look silly (here’s a link to Karma going 22-2 on Narrows).

Moving on.  Here’s a link to a post filed squarely in the “Goddamned peoples is dumb” folder.

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